Union Reunion
MUSIC: "Disco Inferno" - The Trammps
November 2010

These are pictures taken from my 30th college reunion. It was great revisiting
Union College in Kentucky and spending time with these wonderful people.

Me at the Student Center with lovely Debbie Bill and Steve Marshall

Diana, Queen of Tent City

This pretty lady is Donna Dobo with Stewart Marsden

This is Joe Boswell with Melissa Newman. Melissa did a great job organizing the reunion.
She is also a talented author of fiction books.

I knew Mary Alice Lay when I attended Union College. What a nice surprise to see this wonderful lady again.

These great ladies are Sandy Hash, Debbie Estes, and Roberta Taylor

Mike Goss and Ruth Hensley were college sweethearts

Don Jones and I have remained friends since college. He is pictured next to
Candy Wood and Debbie Bill. Candy is a Union College English professor who taught us back in the day.

Sandy Hash, Melissa Newman, Roberta Taylor, Debbie Estes, and Debbie Bill at a cookout

Union College student Chris Adams gave us a tour of the campus.
He is the son of fellow classmate, Bob Adams.

The Student Center

There used to be a small white wooden building here where we had Lighthouse Singers' rehearsals and played cards.
The Edward H. Black Technology Center is there now. I remember Ed Black when I attended Union.

The Chapel is beautiful

Inside the Chapel

The tour continued to the Library

The Classroom Building is impressive

The Sharp Academic Center is new and very nice

This building was built originally as a gym, then it was made into a theater at the time I attended Union College.
It has since been completely renovated, and is now an impressive gym with a basketball court.
The lower level has state-of-the-art exercise equipment for the college students.

The basketball court inside the gym

The Union College president lives here and graciously opened his home to the alumni

Current Union College President, Ed de Rosset greets his guests.
Mahlon Miller was president when I attended Union.

It was nice seeing Patty Parker with her parents at the presidentís home. Patty is a wonderful lady.

Denise Wainscott graduated from Union College and is now the Vice-President for Advancement

Don Jones taking a picture of the Union College mascot

We did not have football when I attended Union. Now there is an impressive football team and field.

Union won the Homecoming game by a landslide!

Fans supporting their team

Sandy Hash and Jackie Sellards are the sweetest ladies you will ever meet.
I participated in a couple drama productions with Jackie while at Union.

Patty Parker, Joe Boswell, Debbie Bill, Bev Lenzer, and some guy in a white shirt

Great smiles from Debbie Estes and Don Jones

Larry Inkster coached sports games when I attended Union.
He is pictured with another faculty member I knew back then, Charlie Dibble.
The two lovely ladies next to them are Carolyn Madigan and Cheryl Alvis.

Tony Auzenne was my dorm RA when I attended Union. He is pictured with his wife, Stella.

Steve Marshall, Debbie Bill, Me, Roberta Taylor, Don Jones, Debbie Estes, Phil Adams, Sandy Hash, and Ed Hammell

We attended a scrapbook and yearbook viewing.
Ed Hammell, Patty Parker, Debbie Bill, and Cheryl Alvis look very interested in this scrapbook.

I am curious to know what Carolyn Madigan and Donna Dobo reacted to in this scrapbook

Susan Slater, former music professor Leo Dontchos, and Bob Milone showed up to look at the scrapbooks.
Susan and Bob were college sweethearts.

It was nice seeing Donna Dobo, Don Jones, and Bev Lenzer here

Jackie Sellards also showed up with her daughter, Angela

Debbie Estes and Roberta Taylor look over newspaper clippings.
There is a nice smile from Bev Lenzer behind them.

Becky Culp brought a lot of yearbooks to look through.
She has a beautiful voice and we enjoyed her singing performances back then.

This is a touching moment from Sandy Hash, Debbie Estes, and Roberta Taylor reminiscing about
alumni Aaron Works and Allen Green. They both passed away and are in a better place.

The Homecoming Banquet was very nice

These pretty ladies are Susan McCreary and Donna Dobo

Everyone had a great time

Bob Beck next to a classy lady, Dena Newman

We had a wonderful group show up at the banquet

Phil Adams with two pretty ladies, Debbie Estes and Debbie Bill

This is a nice picture of Glenn Nichols and his mother

This is a picture of Don Jones, Me, and Joe Boswell. I think we clean up good.

Lovely Cheryl Alvis, Ed Hammell, Mike Goss and his pretty wife, Ruth Hensley Goss

I had the honor of having my picture taken with Donna Dobo, Joe Boswell, Carolyn Madigan, Phil Adams, and Patty Parker

A nice dance to end a nice Homecoming evening

A group of us visited nearby Cumberland Falls the next day. It was spectacular.

Steve Marshall and Don Jones walked to the lower level of the falls for picture opportunities

Steve Marshall, Becky Culp, Ed Hammell, Roberta Taylor, and Debbie Estes in front of the falls

Under a full moon on clear nights, a moonbow is formed by the mist of the falls.
The falls are also impressive in the day time.

Me, Steve Marshall, Becky Culp, Ed Hammel, Roberta Taylor, Don Jones, Debbie Estes,
Debbie Bill, Susan Slater, and Bob Milone

It was a great Union Reunion

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