April in Paris

Spring 2008
The following pictures are scenes taken in France during a 10-day visit
at Teresa's place in Paris. My best friend Phil who worked in Paris a few years ago,
and is now retired, came with me to revisit Paris and also see the countryside.

Le Vésinet - Teresa's neighborhood in the suburbs of Paris

My sister Teresa and I at a flower market

Teresa, Phil, and Teresa's husband Steve

French Pasteries

Lovely lady at pastery shop

Steve and Teresa's place in Paris

Their son Stephen in the living room

Their pup, Bug

Phil and I at a train station

La Défense - where Teresa's husband Steve works

Steve worked in the tall black Areva building

Pretty view of Paris

Versailles - Palace of Versailles

Beautiful sculpture by a fountain

Ornate painted and gold-trimmed ceilings

The lady in pink was Napolean's favorite sister

The impressive Hall of Mirrors

Phil and I in front of a fountain

A spectacular fountain

Impressive gold turtles

A magnificent fountain

Saint-Germain-en-Laye - town near Teresa and Steve's place

Walking to the castle

Having our picture taken at a local restaurant

Paris - Arc de Triomphe

The impressive Arc de Triomphe

Flowers at the site

Paris - Eiffel Tower

The famous Eiffel Tower

Phil and Teresa in front of the Eiffel Tower

View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Paris - Boat ride along the Seine with my nephew Stephen

Me, my nephew Stephen, and Phil begin our boat ride

Notre Dame along the Seine River

Paris - Zoo

Stephen being attacked by a hippo!

Pink Flamingos

Paris - Notre Dame Cathedral

Front of Notre Dame cathedral

Back of Notre Dame

Impressive gargoyles

Beautiful rose stained-glass window inside the cathedral

Paris - Site of Princess Diana's accident

Written tributes to Princess Diana

Paris - Louvre Art Museum

The Louvre's lobby

Magnificent ceilings

The beautiful Venus de Milo

The impressive Nike of Samothrace

The famous Mona Lisa

The Four Graces

Saint Genou - town where my French relatives and friends live

A golden field

The impressive town square

Teresa and I with our friends, Mr. and Mrs. Thibault

Our dear friend, Marie Sologne

Our French relatives

Teresa and I with our Aunt Marie and her husband

Chambord - Chambord Castle

Teresa in front of the magnificent Chambord Castle

Phil and I in front of the castle

The king's bed and crown

Paris - Sacré Coeur, Montmartre

The spectacular Sacré Coeur

Artists at Montmatre

A lovely server at a local pub

The famous Moulin Rouge night club

Phil and Teresa in front of Le Chat Noir night club

Paris - Sargeant Recruiter Restaurant

Teresa and I in a train heading for the restaurant

Phil smiles for the camera

The famous Sargeant Recruiter Restaurant where Napolean recruited his troops

We reserved a nice table at this historic restaurant

Wonderful cheese, bread and fresh vegetables for starters

Teresa and Steve enjoyed their dining experience

Phil says "Bonjour" to our waitress

Our lovely waitress smiles

A beautiful view of the Seine as we leave the restaurant

Normandy - Mont Saint-Michel

Sheep near Mont Saint-Michel

The historic Mont Saint-Michel abbey

Pretty sculptures and stained-glass

Steve, Teresa and Phil enjoy a cup of cider

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