European River Cruise

Spring 2007
The following pictures are scenes taken on the Rhine and Moselle Rivers
from Mainz, Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The 5-Star MV Casanova

Our beautiful river boat

Mainz, Germany

Our voyage begins in the historic town of Mainz

Interesting fountain

Impressive cathedral and market

Cochem, Germany

Next is beautiful Cochem

Inside the castle

Rub the belly for good luck

Impressive armoire

Me walking on the castle path

View of the Moselle river from the castle

The magnificent castle

Charming buildings in Cochem

View of the castle from the water

Swan on the Moselle river

Bernkastel, Germany

Me walking in town

Phil by an impressive fountain

Large clock tower

Trier, Germany

Bath house ruin

Town square

Impressive church

Ornate building

We enjoyed wine tasting

Wine tasting

Historic building

Koblenz, Germany

Pretty town view

I could use some drum sticks

Impressive cathedral

Interesting towers

Massive monument

Inside a church

View of the fortress

Fortress wall

Fortress museum

Where the Moselle joins the Rhine River

A surprise squirt from this fountain

Dusseldorf, Germany

A very tall tower

View of Dusseldorf from the tower

Another view from the tower

Funny sculpture at a bank

Impressive monument

Cool lion sculpture

Our tour guide by a very interesting sculpture

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Scenic view of Amsterdam

Art museum

Canal boat ride

Interesting buildings

Impressive building

Shops and restaurants

Beautiful cathedral


Horse ride near a canal

Wonderful restaurants

Pretty canal view

Leaning buildings

Canal boat rides

The historic Victoria Hotel where we stayed

Superior Staff, Wonderful Passengers and New Friends

These gentlemen made our cruise memorable

These ladies were wonderful

The service was 5-star

Phil and I dressed for dinner

Phil with our entertaining pianist

Phil with our waiter

Phil with the chef and a wonderful couple we met onboard

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